“I was reminded how much you helped me before my mum died in 2008 and during the following years by agreeing to help me with hypnotherapy and counselling in my home as I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic at the time and found it very hard to function and live a normal, happy, healthy life after leaving my job of 20 years due to ill health in 2000.
I had my interview today and they were so impressed with my presentation, experience and general interview they offered me a place there and then.
I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you do and without your efforts I might not be so happy today…
In the nicest possible way I do hope I never see you again, but if life throws me a curve ball you’ll be my first port of call! I’ve told all my friends about your work so expect a rush of customers!
Feel free to put this thank you on your website too, Thank you so much again and take care.”
Miss X, Cheshire

“Hi Jonathan, Thought you might appreciate an update/feedback following our recent session. “I must have been in a very deep state of relaxation/hypnosis as it took quite a while to get back to normal.
Went to bed at 9.00pm and slept straight through. I certainly have a very positive mental attitude (combined with that intelligent optimism). When I wake up my mind is full of positive ideas for jobs to be done, whereas in the past I would be worrying. So, all very positive so far.”

“I have recently attended a number of “sessions” with Jonathan Lloyd of Calm Minds of Bramhall. Having suffered for the past 25 years with a severe case of the “yips”, a disability which affects golfers when putting, a business colleague recommended Jonathan to me. While initially sceptical I had reached the point where I was willing to try anything to overcome this condition as it was making every round of golf a miserable
Surprisingly, once I had overcome my initial reservations about hypnotherapy, I found the process to be enjoyable, interesting and reassuring. Even more surprisingly, when I now hold a putter in my hands it no longer has a life of its own! This process has made a dramatic improvement, and I also looked at other areas of my life that required attention. All in all it has made a great difference to my life for the better.
Please be assured I was truly sceptical of this process but now I am so pleased that I took the plunge. Jonathan is a nice guy who has helped many people and I would urge you if there is an area of your life that you wish to improve you could do a whole lot worse than investing in a few visits to Calm Minds.”
Mr X, Wirral

“Just thought I’d drop you a line to say thanks very much for the work we did together in order to get me riding confidently again. I rode last week and this weekend and absolutely loved it. any nerves which I had before hand seemed to disappear the moment we set off.
I feel that I have got something back out of life for myself at last, and am back to galloping around happily like I was when I was younger! My confidence is getting stronger and I am making the most of the skills I always had but couldn’t show properly before.
Thanks so much again I cant believe how calm and relaxed I was riding yesterday I am over the moon!

“Jonathan is a great hypnotherapist and counsellor, I would certainly use him.”
Dr. T. Newton, Merseyside

“Hi Jonathan
I just wanted to let you know how he went on when he went away. Initially he did have a problem, he started getting his “pains” at about 6.30.p.m. and by 9.00 p.m. he was vomiting and suffering stomach cramps. However, at 10.30 he listened to his sleep CD and went off to sleep, the second day he used his CD (no pains), and the third night he went straight to sleep without using his CD.
Thank you again.”
Mrs X, Cheshire

“Hi Jonathan
2 Reasons really, the first is I’ve been making the most of this new found life I have since our couple of sessions. And the second was to see if it was going to last…
With smoking marijuana for 18 yrs every day it was always going to be a strong habit to kick. As talked about, I couldn’t sleep, was totally dependent on the drug which was also causing paranoia and anxiety.. Amazingly, after the 2 sessions, 1 to stop smoking and the other to help with sleeping I have now been clean for near on 3 months – not just the pot but also stopped the cigarettes…
The sleeping is almost there so life is looking great cheers. I’m now back to the gym 4 days a week, its been noticed at work that work has greatly improved and have just had a great appraisal. The wife’s happy, (only because work on the house is now getting done), no really everyone I speak to of late is saying how different I am at the moment and what’s changed…
So thanks again, from a personal note I think you managed the impossible.”
Mr X, Stockport

“I feel I need to write to say how much Jonathan has helped me over the past year. Having split up from my wife, I found myself in a deeply sad state with extremely low self confidence and self esteem. I came to Jonathan and a very positive and healing relationship formed from the first session. I travelled a long way to see Jonathan and I have to say that without a shadow of doubt that Jonathan has been worth the journey every session.
From the first time we met the healing process began and over the course of the last 8 months I have grown in confidence and learned to manage my feelings.
Jonathan also built some hypnotherapy into my sessions which helped immensely with my self esteem.
I cannot speak highly enough of Jonathan and would urge anyone who needs help to get through the most difficult times in their life to go to see him.
Thanks for everything Jonathan!”
Mr X, Clitheroe

“I saw you some while ago for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I am happy to say that since I saw you I have not smoked a single cigarette. I have lost the desire to smoke and, amazingly, can be around others smoking and not wish to join them in smoking (which is a first). It has given me the confidence to stop and I can not believe how easy it has been!
I think I have got through all the major challenges now (nights out, pub, difficult day etc) and am now happily referring to myself as a non-smoker! And it’s wonderful not having to go out into the cold anymore! I keep telling my friends who still smoke just how easy it has been, but at the moment they have no motivation to stop. As soon as they do though, I’ll be passing your details to them!
Thank you very much for helping me to quit, I feel a lot better for finally achieving it!”
Miss X, Cheshire