Couples Counselling

Couples counselling or relationship counselling in Stockport
Couples counselling is one of the services that we offer to the people of Stockport, South Manchester and Cheshire; from our therapy centre in Bramhall.

We all have difficult times in our lives, times when we need to talk things through with someone, someone without an agenda, someone who can be trusted and has professional training. Often people turn to a counsellor at such times. Although, if the issue is your relationship this can be frustrating if you are trying to handle it on your own. Often, the best course of action is for both of you to see a couples counsellor.

At Calm Minds here in Bramhall, Cheshire we have qualified couples counsellors that are here to help you through tough times. They will offer unbiased support for both in equal measure and allow a space where you can speak openly and honestly to each other. When it comes to relationships we understand that communication is of paramount importance. Even if you decide to end the relationship, this can be done on a basis that is as amicable as possible, where others’ interests are taken into account.

There are no ‘perfect’ relationships and working your way to find something that is good enough for both of you can take time and effort. Given the appropriate environment of our bespoke offices (a neutral calming space) you can give yourselves the best chance of working things out.

Calm Minds offer couples a chance to discuss issues over a longer period than a standard counselling session, after all there are three people in the room and you both need time to express how you feel. The standard time allocated to couples is therefore 75 minutes and our fee reflects the increased therapy time.

If you live in Stockport, Greater Manchester or Cheshire and you would like to discuss how couples counselling could be of benefit to you, please call us on 0161 439 7773 or email