Weight Loss & Eating Hypnotherapy

Our society is falling further and further into the trap of bad eating habits and obesity and weight problems. With many more people extremely conscious about their weight, whether it is due to pressure from society of your own worries, we all want to lose a bit here and there but sometimes it can be very difficult.

Exercise and healthy eating are paramount to a healthy lifestyle but we know diets can be hard and in some cases simply may not work. I don’t believe diets can work unless you are in the right frame of mind. How many times have you been on a diet, only to put the weight back on or put on more weight than when you started? It’s a common problem and I believe the success to a healthy lifestyle and diet is just as much down to your emotions and habits as it is to what you eat.

You cannot lose weight unless you are calm and relaxed. That is a big statement but one we believe to be the true. Most of my work with clients who want to lose weight is dealing with their emotions. Many of them suffer from a low sense of self, a lack of confidence, childhood issues and I also find that stress and relationship issues are also regularly a factor.

These emotions make you feel down and how do a lot of people deal with feeling down? By eating chocolate or just generally binge eating. This kind of eating eventually becomes habit and turns into patterns of over-eating and eating the wrong types of food.

Here at Calm Minds we can help you set aside these emotional issues to help clear the path for you to break free of these habits and get back on track by losing the weight whilst also dealing with these emotional issues that cause it.

If you would like to find out more about how your emotions could be affecting your weight and how you can break these habits, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.