Stress Hypnotherapy

Stress is a very common issue within society. In the days of longer work hours and just generally ‘more on our plate’ we have succumbed to the pressures and some people can find it much more difficult than others to cope.

Stress is the culmination of pressures and stress reveals itself when it becomes a greater feeling than your ability to cope with your problems. Stress is both a physical and emotional ailment that can manifest itself in many different ways.

Stress can sometimes be an overused word but it can simply be described as our attempt to react to unwanted demand. At Calm Minds we have helped many individuals and groups (including charities, businesses and schools) understand how to notice stress in ourselves and others, how it can manifest itself and most importantly how we can manage it.

Symptoms of Stress may include:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Fear

Stress is different for each person and here at Calm Minds we understand this and our sessions relate to you as an individual. Prevention, management and copying strategies are an integral part of our work. Hypnotherapy, relaxation, reframing and personal development are just a few of the strategies that we utilise.

For more information on our stress management workshops visit our sister company SRM UK Ltd. You can also Contact Us to find out further information on our Stress Hypnotherapy sessions.