Sports Hypnotherapy

Those of you who play a sport will realise that it is all  ‘between the ears’ and you know when you are relaxed and confident you are at  your best.

Hypnotherapy helps to increase relaxation and confidence  for many situations, and the results are extremely visible in sport. Most  professional sportsmen & women have some form of psychological help for  their performance.

Take golf for example; anxiety manifests itself in the  golf swing or the putting stroke and is then reinforced. So when things go  wrong you swing even faster or you TRY even harder to get that stupid ball in  the hole!! Anxiety breeds speed and too much speed is bad in golf.

We at Calm Minds have devised a programme of hypnotherapy  for groups and individuals that aim to improve your enjoyment of sport. We can  deliver the courses which use a combination of sports hypnotherapy and other techniques,  including NLP, at clubs around the Cheshire and South Manchester area.