Sleep Hypnotherapy

Sleep is extremely important to our continued health and well-being. It is the part of your day where your body is able to rest and regenerate in order to continue functioning.

For many people sleeping is a part of our natural routine which we have taken for granted. For other people sleeping is something you desperately crave but cannot seem to accomplish due to underlying problems.

There are many different types of sleep disorders from teeth grinding and bedwetting to insomnia. These disorders can cause a lot of problems within your life and Hypnotherapy can help you combat them and get back to your regular pattern.

In my personal experience as a counsellor and hypnotherapist interrupted sleep generally (although not exclusively) boils down to one thing – an overactive mind. The majority of sleep disorders come from people not being able to sleep and overthinking at night. From thinking about regrets, things you have or haven’t or even menial things such as your ‘shopping list’ of things to do. These things play on the mind and can disrupt your sleep pattern.

There are small everyday ways to combat sleep disruption. These may be things such as avoiding caffeine during the night, relaxing baths and avoiding mind stimulants before sleep (such as movies or TV). Although you may think it, Alcohol is not a useful stimulant when it comes to sleep and can actually further disrupt your pattern.

Hypnotherapy for sleep is very effective. Finding out what is going on in your life and the root cause of the sleeplessness can be very useful.

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